That Kind Of Person Tag ♡

I have been doing a lot of complicated posts full of pictures recently, so I thought I would go back to basics and do a tag like I used to. This tag was created by the amazing Connor Franta and let’s just get started..
Breakfast, lunch or dinner: I really love brunch but also dinner is great!
Do you drink your cereal milk? Depends. If its Corn Flakes or Rice Krispies then no way, but if its Coco Pops or a chocolate cereal then definitely.
CDs, radio or phone: Phone phone phone phone all the way.
Window or aisle? Window 100% although I usually end up in the middle but otherwise window so I can see the beautiful views.
Fold or crumple? Crumple, who has time for folding?
Shampoo then bodywash, or bodywash then shampoo? Shampoo then body wash by far, its so much better because if you wash your body then get shampoo on your body it just defeats the point.
Stressed or relaxed? I go through phases, sometimes I’m so stressed and tired and sometimes I am all cool and relaxed, but honestly I’m usually stressed.
Impatient or patient? Again, depends. I am impatient in arguments but patient at waiting for things to be honest.
Schedule or go with the flow? Bit of both, I don’t have a complete schedule, I mostly go with the flow but I do need to have a bit of a schedule so I know what’s going on.
What do you want to be when you grow up? Actress or something to do with makeup.
Prankster or not? Prankstaaaaa. But not that good of one.
Dressed up or dressed down? Dressed down. Pyjama days are my favourite. And dresses and dressing up just annoys me.
Favorite Clothing Item? Leather jacket and acid wash shorts.
What instrument would you play? I play piano and used to play guitar, but I really want to start guitar again.
East Coast or West Coast? I live in England so I have no clue.
London or LA? That’s difficult because I live near London and I love going there, but I’ve never been to LA and I would love to go there.
Favorite Holiday? Summer holidays because its 6 weeks off school, and Christmas as I love spending time with my family.
How big is your bed? Double.
Sleep with your doors open or closed? Ajar, so not completely closed but enough so I can get air and get out if I need to. I really don’t know why, its just a thing I have.
Sheets tucked in or out? Out, in is so uncomfortable.
Ever stolen anything? Stolen things off people like I used to steal blu tack from primary school, but not from shops or anything illegal.
Tattoos or piercings? None oops. I really need to get my ears pierced, but no.
Smile in every photo? No way I make the ugliest faces.
Have you ever peed in the woods? I honestly can’t remember. I probably have but I don’t remember it.
Concert or theme park? Never been to a proper concert but they seem really great, however I’m not that into huge rides either like loops or really high drops but I couldn’t pick.
Music or books? Music 100000%
Animated or reality? I don’t know.
Letter or email? What kind of question is that in the 21st century? Email.
First concert? Like I said, I’ve never actually been to a real concert.
Do you own a record player? Nope, I think my dad does though.
Do you speak any different languages? I speak English and we learn Spanish at school so I know quite a lot of that. I also know a tiny bit of French.
Sweet or savory? Sweet most probably.
Can you curl your tongue? Nope.
Can you touch your tongue to your nose? Hahaha I don’t think anyone can. 
Can you whistle? Not properly.
Have you ever won a spelling bee? We don’t have them in England.
Do you believe in ghosts?  I don’t know.
Do you believe in aliens? I don’t know, I really don’t.
I hope you all enjoyed this tag, comment below what other more chatty tag posts you want me to do.
Ellie xoxo

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