A Beautiful Body Shop Quad? ♡

For Christmas I was given a Body Shop set that included an eye shadow palette along with a their famous The Sparkler glitter spray thing and I have been liking it a lot so I thought I would do a review of it.

So first of all, I’m pretty sure this is limited edition but maybe they’ll bring it out again next winter. It’s called frosted pastels and its actually a quad. It comes with two matte neutrals, a cream and a taupey brown, and two shimmery colours, a light mint greeny blue kind of colour and a dark blue. I love how it includes both neutrals and some more colourful ones as it is a great way to start adding a little bit of colour into your look subtly.

I guess this probably is more of a wintery palette because it is more blues and that, to me, is more of a wintery colour, but the neututal colours are great for all year round and it comes in a very sleek, compact packaging.

I fell in love with it as soon as I saw the packaging, its handbag size and the packaging is pretty basic and just black. But on the front it has such a pretty florally type design using mostly the two different blues that come in the palette.

Onto the actual eye shadows, they are really pigmented and apply well to your eyes, they aren’t very waterproof but they do stay on well otheriese and don’t crease much.

Also, it is great for beginners as on the back it shows you one way you could create a really nice eye look with it.

Another handy thing is that the brush isn’t all bad. Yes, on one end there is s stupid sponge brush that everyone hates, but on the other end (its double sized brush if you didnt realise) there is a flat brush, which isn’t great for blending, but is perfect fot packing shadow on your lids.

Overall, this is a great palette and is perfect for on the go as it comes with just four gorgeous eyeshadoes, a brush and a huge mirror – so basically everything you need – however it is or isn’t cheap or available. However, if you desperately want to try out an eye shadow palette from the Body Shop I have heard great things about the shimmer cubes.

I give this palette 9/10.

Have you tried any of the Body Shop makeup?
Ellie xoxo

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