Morning Routine ♡

Routine videos are some of my favourite videos to watch, so I was really surprised when I found that I had never done any kind of routine on my channel, so as you probably worked out, I am going to do a morning routine now!
So this is when my last alarm goes off and I have to wake up. So usually I will just go on my phone for five minutes and check social media then get up.
Once I have got up I will want to stay in my cosy pyjamas forever so I will go downstairs and eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast. I just usually have Coco Pops because that’s what is in my house. Whilst I am eating it I will catch up on some YouTube or a TV show.
So once I’ve had my breakfast I will just put on some Soap & Glory Girligo then get dressed and get into my school uniform.
Time to sort out my tangled bush of bed hair. Well, its not actually that bad haha! I will basically just brush my hair out to get rid of any knots and then if I want to I might do a fancy hairstyle (and by that I mean a high ponytail or side plait because I don’t have much time) then I will do that but at the moment I am liking having my hair just down and straight.
Makeup time! If you want to know what makeup I wear to school check out my post here. I won’t do too much makeup but just a tiny bit to make me feel more confident and I just love wearing it.
Now all my makeup and hair is done, I would just sort out my bag and make sure I have everything I need then brush my teeth and then I will be ready.
Now I am all ready, I will just sit on my phone and iPad and talk to some friends and go on social media and watch some YouTube.
Time to go. I would just put my shoes, school blazer and bag on and head to my friends house where we walk to school from.
Off to school! That is basically my morning routine and its quite quick as I don’t like waking up too early.
What is that one step you couldn’t miss of your morning routine?
Ellie xoxo

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