Summer Lip Picks ♡

One of my favourite spring trends is the bright lips do i thought I would do a post about my favourite lip products for spring, including a mini review of each and swatches. Enjoy!
This is a collab with the lovely Emsirose so check out her blog here as it is amazing and she has done her top 5 Summer nail picks, so you get a bit of lip and a bit of nail.

These are all the products I will be taking about, let’s just get started…

Collection Cream Puff – 03 Fairy Cake
I’ve been talking about this way way way too much recently but it is just such a brilliant liquid lipstick kind of thing. It gives so much colour and dries a matte corally pink bright colour. This is definitely one of my must haves for summer.

MUA Luxe Lipstick – Tulip
I talked about these lipsticks in my favourites post but they just apply very smoothly and are super pigmented. This is just a gorgeous natural pinky nude colour and is a very light and quite bright colour which I love for summer.

Baby Lips Electro – Berry Bomb
So I often talk about this in my autumn posts as, if you build it up, it can make a really nice berry lip, but also, if you just apply a light coat it actually is a gorgeous pink colour which is perfect for summer.

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors
So, I did a whole post about these which you can read here, but these are just such beauties! They are so different from anything else out there and I completely recommend, if you are looking for something more high end and luxury, just to splash out on one as they give a little colour but a lot of light and radiance to your lips and I think they just yell summer.

Nivea Fruity Shine Peach Lip Balm

 This lip balm is quite sheer but just gives a gorgeous peachy sheen and a lot of shine to your lips. It’s also super moisturising and hydrating and the smell is to die for! I love this and it’s very summery.
I hope you all enjoyed this post. I spent a long time taking and editing these photos so I hope you like them, and make sure to check out Ems post which is linked at the top.
What one lip product do you have that is perfect for summer?
Ellie xoxo

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