Renaming My Blog? ♡

So I have had my blog for almost two years I think, but when I first created it I wasn’t even into makeup, I thought I was but I had no idea! At first it was just a bit of fun, to laugh at my stupid posts so I even stopped posting on it.

Nowadays, I have become a lot more into it and been putting a whole lot more time and effort in than I used to, for example the other night I spent all afternoon and evening taking and editing pictures for one post. But the one thing that I feel like is letting my blog down is the name as I feel like its a hassle to type in and difficult to find, so I want to change it.

My audience mean the world to me so I would really like it if you could help me choose a name. I want it to be something that I wont cringe over and to reflect what my blog is about so something to do with makeup or beauty maybe, but I’m not too sure?

Here are some of my ideas which you can either vote for or come up with a better one in the comments please 🙂

The only idea I could think of that wasn’t taken was:

Thanks for everything,

Ellie xoxo


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