Summer Haul// Boots, Lush & More ♡

Hey lovelies,
So the other dday I went shopping and spent a bit too much money on makeup…AGAIN. So, like usual, I thought I would share with you the products (and a few not makeup things too) that I picked up. Its not the biggest ever haul, but I love everything I bought a lot (and I bought it all out of my own allowance.) Also I have been trying out lots of different ways of taking and editing photos so let me know which kind you like as they will all be a bit different in each post.

So we will start off with something I actually picked up a bit longer ago, whilst visiting a really cute village on me and my best friends mini holiday we had, from a little shop called Penny something, I can’t really remember. But it is just this adorable mason jar mug with straw thing that everyone has been obsessed with recently and I thought this would be really cool for summer. Also, on the side it just says ‘Refreshing Drinks’ in a fancy font and bubble. It does currently have a Starbucks straw in because the old one was blue and white striped but it was paper so it ripped.

Now onto the things I bought on my little shopping trip. The first place we went was Lush and I only picked up one thing as I don’t tend to have that many baths in the summer, which was the S*x Bomb bath ballistic and I’m not too keen on the smell but we tried it out in the store and it was incredible in the bath so I am very excited to use that.

Next for Boots, I only picked up a couple of things as I spent most of my money in Superdrug. The only thing I actually paid for (and don’t worry I didnt spteal the other thing I’m not that obsessed) was the Rimmel Match Perfection concealer as I have been wanting this for a while and my friend I was with recommended it, but the thing that sold me most was that it was on offer for £4.49 instead of £5.99 so a good bargain.

The other thing I got from Boots was something I am over the moon about: a Benefit Porefessional sample. The girl at the Benefit stand was very kind and gave it to us even though we hadn’t actually bought any full size products. It is so cute and tiny which will be great for travelling and I can’t wait to use this!

Superdrug, Superdrug, its just so tempting. I can’t walk out with nothing. So the first things I picked up were on a deal, as it was 2 for £10 on any Maybelline products so I picked up two that I had been wanting to try for a while. Firstly, I picked up Baby Skin in Warm Apricot as I am never one to have the effort for primers but I want to be, so I’m hoping this is as amazing as everyone says, I will probably have a review of it coming soon.

The other thing I picked up from Maybelline was a powder as, again, I never usually have the effort for powder but I want to so I picked up the Maybelline Matte Maker that everyone has been talking about recently. But, when I opened it at home, it was broken. Not severely, but the pan had come out of the packaging, so I just need to superglue it back down and hope it stays. I got them both for £10 so the Baby Skin was £8 and the powder was meant to be £4 but was actually £2 because of the offer.

The last thing I picked up from Superdrug was a mascara, as I have a bit of an obsession with them. I picked up Collection No Clumps as I really hate when mascaras clump and I’ve heard lots of good things about this, including that it’s just as good as Benefit They’re Real, and for £2.99, I really couldn’t exist. Again, there will probably be a review of this coming soon.

So that is everything I have picked up recently, it was my first shopping trip in ages. I am not trying to boast or show off in any way, I am simply showing you guys what I picked up as hauls are some of my favourite posts to read and write. I know some of these posts have already been in a couple of my recent posts but that’s just the way my schedule has turned out, sorry 😦

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did, comment below what you have picked up recently and what posts you want to see me do in the future.

Ellie xoxo


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