Travel Makeup Bag ♡

I own a lot of makeup, and that can be a problem when I want to go away. And because its almost the summer holidays (only 6 weeks and 1 day to go) I thought it would be perfect timing to do a post about my travel makeup bag. This is a collab with the lovely Jade so please go check out her blog and instagram, now let’s get started.

First of all, this is what my makeup bag looks like. Its pretty simple but its huge and pretty so perfect for me. Its just got pink with white hearts and I got it free in a magazine.

The first things I have are some primers. I actually have two as I am trying them both out so as one of tthem is just a mini I don’t mind. They are Maybelline Baby Skin in Warm Apricot and mini Benefit Porefessional.

Next, onto face products. I like to take my holy grail products as they just make me feel more confident, so I first of all have two concealers: Rimmel Match Perfection, a new purchase which I am so far love love loving, and my Collection Lasting Perfection which is way too orange for me, but will be very useful if I get a tan. I also like to bring a BB cream as you probably know I never wear foundation but in case I have a bad skin day or just want more coverage I will use my trusty Rimmel Radiance BB cream. Lastly, if I want a more matte look I like to bring my Maybelline Matte Maker powder.

For my cheeks, I’m not that botheres about bronzer and highlighter (especially as I have eye shadows I can use as them) or a completely put together look, but I like my MUA Bubblegum blusher and also my Loreal Bare Naturale blusher for a bit of colour on my cheeks- yes I bring two because ones a lot more bright and ones more natural depending on what mood I’m in.

Eyes, eyes, eyes. Firstly, for cream eye shadows (which I have been obsessed with lately) is the Seventeen Metallic Cream that I mentioned in my May favourites and the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze if I want a more bronzey and darker look so I love this more than anything!

The only palette I actually have is the Barbara Daly Makeup designer eyes in Quartz which is the perfect natural trio. It just comes with a cream champagne shade, a light brown and a dark greyish brown.

For eyeliners, I have my MUA Intense Colour eye liner in Rich Brown for my waterline and my Collection Extreme Felt Tip Liner which I talk about way too much but is just the best liquid liner.

I have two mascaras here, Collection No Clumps and New Look Pure Definition, they are quite simiar but I feel like the Collection one is more defining and the New Look one is more volumising and I should really try them together as I think it would create such fluttery, volumised and just plain beautiful lashes.

For my lips, I always have to restrain myself otherwise I will go completely overboard and bring 20 lip products, which the zip on my makeup bag would not like *my jokes are rubbish sorry* so these are the ones I usually end up taking. First of all, my Nivea Hydro Care lip balm which I always talk about, but it’s so moisturising and helps with chapped or dry lips and I always put this on before any other lip product because they will just apply a lot smoother and look so much nicer. The other lip balm I have is my Baby Lips (original) in Peach Kiss if I want a tiny bit of colour but just something really natural.

The other more bold lip products I have are my Clarins Rouge Éclat Lipstick in Woodrose which is a beautiful dark pink colour and my Collection Cream Puff in Fairy Cake which is a bright corally pink and I love them both to pieces.
That’s everything I would bring in my travel makeup bag. Obviously, if I was only going for a couple of days I wouldn’t bring this much but this is probably what I would bring if I was going for a week or something.
What makeup product do you have to take everywhere with you?
Ellie xoxo

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