May Favourites ♡

Honestly, I don’t know how it can be June already! My dad was saying that and I actually thought it was about to be May, not that it had finished. So yes, you guessed it, today I have my May favourites.
May has gone quicker than any other month. To be honest, it hasn’t been that great and I haven’t had that many favourites, but I thought I would do this anyway. I know it’s the third of June already but oh well.

Clarins Lipstick
So my first favourite I have mentioned this in a few posts recently, but I got this for Christmas and it is the cutest mini lipstick. The packaging is on point and the lipstick is the prettiest darkish rose colour. I love how this is such a great build able pigmentation, you can apply a light amount and get a gorgeous dark pink berry-esque colour, but not so dark so its still great for summer, but you can build it to a lot darker berry wintery colour too. This is so gorgeous, I can’t get over it, I’ve been wearing it almost every day!

Seventeen Metallic Cream eye shadow
There’s nothing that makes me more happy than easy but stunning looking eye products, and this is one of them. This is an old favourite that I have picked out of my collection at the beginning of the month and it is a very nice pinky champagne colour. It applies very pigmented and does not crease. I love this a lot.

Rimmel BB Cream
I said in an Instagram picture that I had mixed opinions on this, but this month it has definitely grown on me and, although it sometimes gets a bit cakey, I think it is amazing for light coverage everyday wear and its the perfect shade too! 

MUA Lipstick
Another lip product and my last makeup favourite, is the MUA Lipstick in Shade 13. I mentioned the pink one I have of these last month, but this month I have been busy in a show, and being a showgirl, I had to wear red lipstick, so this proved incredible! It was only £1 yet it stayed on for two hour shows even when I was eating and drinking backstage, singing, dancing and being under lights.

Yankee Candle Christmas treats
Recently I went to a caravan with my best friend (read my update post to hear more about that) and every night we were watching movies and one thing we loved doing was lighting this candle. Its only a votive but it lasts an amazing amount of time and the smell is so beautiful, a sweet smell that smells literally like cooking Christmas food (I know its now summer but I don’t really care, its too good!)

Batiste Dry Shampoo Floral and Flirty
Remember right at the beginning of my blog? I was obsessed with this and I even did a review on it (I will try and find it and if I can link it here) but I threw it to the back of my cupboard and have only recently started using it again. It just adds a lot of volume and cleanness to your hair, so it’s perfect for the days when you aren’t washing your hair but want it to feel a bit cleaner and less greasy.

Random favourites…

Kinder Chocolate
Kinder, kinder, kinder. It’s just the nicest chocolate there is! I can’t explain my love for it, but definitely go and try it if you can. It’s very sweet and rich but it is delicious.

Magic Stars Hot Chocolate
I don’t actually have one of these to photograph, but again when we were at the caravan we drank this every night and it tasted amazing. It was so silky and sweet and just delicious. And it comes with mini magic stars in it so I completely recommend you try it.

Pitch Perfect 2
I may have been to see this on the second to last day of May, but I’m still including it, because it was amazing! It was hilarious and honestly, I didn’t think the music was as good as in the first one, but it was a lot funnier and I just really enjoyed it, so I definitely recommend you see it if you haven’t already.
Following onto that, my music favourite was one of the main songs from Pitch Perfect and that was Flashlight. It’s so catchy and it’s beautifully sung by Jessie J. The lyrics are so relatable as well.
So that’s all for my May favourites, it was quite long but I hope you all enjoyed it. Comment what you have been loving this month and make sure to follow my on bloglovin if your not already.
Ellie xoxo

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