Life Update & Where Have I Been? ♡

Hellooo everyoneee,

How have you all been?

This post is just to casually talk a bit about what I have been up to recently and update you of my life a little bit.

Soooo, last week I had no free time literally at all haha, because on the first few nights I had rehearsals, and then, as you probably have worked out, on the Thursday to Saturday nights, I had shows. We did Bugsy Malone in a local hall and the seats were packed out every single night – it was incredible! I was one of the Tallulah girls and I also had a load of other stuff to do, and I had so so so much fun! I just love acting and performing, because it gives me such a thrill and I just want to do it forever!

Always, so I did that, and then on Sunday I went on a mini holiday with my best friend.

We just went to a place near Hastings and stayed in her grandmas caravan so close to the beach and we swum in it every day, it was pretty warm too and we made cakes and ate pizza and watched so so many movies.


Just to list a few, we watched Miss Congeniality, The Heat, The Worlds End, Hot Fuzz, Dirty Dancing and jeez so many more!

We didn’t have WiFi and I hadn’t had any time to write and schedule posts before hand, so I decided just to chill and skip posting for last week and yesterday’s post.

Also, today I have just been out all day, seeing my best friend and my friend who moved to the other side of the world (who I am probably going shopping with tomorrow so expect a haul woo:)) and then went to work in the afternoon, now I am just having a chilled evening listening to Matilda the Musical.

I have had such a fun time, and its half term so I can now write a ton of posts.

Hope you have had an amazing week, love everyone who reads my blog so much and thank you all for everything.

Ellie xoxo


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