Drugstore Starter Kit♡

There is so much makeup in the world. And if you are just starting out you might feel swamped by all the different brands and products, so today I thought I would do a drugstore starter kit kind of post, but not as in-depth as some peoples, just talking about the 5 products you should start off with and which one I would recommend.

1) Concealer:
This is definitely a must-have for me, although I tend to not use it every single day. Concealer is just perfect for covering your under eyes, blemishes, redness, or just anything else that needs to be covered. I would by far recommend the Collection one, as it gives so much coverage and is amazing at covering anything and everything, but still looks natur and doesn’t look cakey.

2) BB Cream
I like to use BB cream instead of foundation, as I feel like it doesn’t give as harsh of a look and is just nice for smoothing out your skin and perfecting any imperfections but it still looks like skin. But don’t feel you need to buy it unless you actually want coverage, because I’m sure you are all beautiful naturally without makeup.

3) Blush
So, once you’ve got that face makeup on, you will probably look a bit washed out and like a ghost, so to add some more colour to your face, you will probably want to apply some blusher. The MUA ones are amazing, just don’t go to overboard or you’ll look a bit crazy.

4) Mascara
Mascara brings every look together and a makeup look without mascara is like a tree without it’s branches. I definitely recommend you don’t miss it. It can lengthen, volumise, separate and thicken your lashes and it also makes your eyes look and lot more open and less droopy.

5) Lip Balm
You could go straight in with lipstick or lip gloss, but I recommend starting out with a tinted lip balm instead, as they will really moistuise your lips and also give a bit of a sheen of colour. Personally, I would opt for Baby Lips or Nivea Fruity Shine as they are very inexpensive and still keep your lips hydrated.

Thanks for reading, I decided to keep this post quite short and snappy, but let me know if you try out any of these things and if they are any good to you.

Products mentioned:
1) Concealer – Collection Lasting Perfection £4.19
2) BB Cream – Rimmel 9 in 1 Radiance BB Cream £6.99
3) Blusher – MUA Makeup Academy Blush £1
4) Mascara – New Look Pure Definition Mascara £4.99
5) Lip Balm – Maybelline Baby Lips £2.99 or Nivea Fruity Shine £1.99

PS Sorry for the late post, I have been super busy with rehearsals and only just got home.
Ellie xoxo

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