Q&A #2 ♡


Yes Megan I do. This is a collab with Megan who is my bestest internet friend. I’ve never met her but we started talking about PLL and using the 😂 emoji way too much, now we are do close and she is amazing, she is doing a q&a too so check out hers.

Omg that’s impossible to answer! I love chocolate a lot so at first I thought chocolate but now I think about it I am a crisp person and I love quavers and wotsits. HOW CAN I PICK?? Probably keep chocolate because I can still have popcorn and chips and I could just get really crispy chips with no actual potato in haha.

I would wish for everyone in the world to have food and fresh water, and that I could meet my internet friends, then more wishes.

Hmm, this is one from the Pointless Book isn’t it? I thought about this for ages, and decided that I would rather be sexually attracted to fruit and then get a really really good therapist to sort it out, because cheetos would mean I couldn’t do my makeup properly or text or anything.

Fruit. How could I live without pineapple or strawberries or kiwi? I hardly like any vegetables anyway so it would hardly make a difference.

I usually say my collection liner but at the moment I’ve really been liking my Maybelline Colour Tattoo as its so easy to apply but it looks so good and stays all day.

Zoe Sugg. Zoella. She has been my inspiration from day 1 and collabing with her would be amazing!

Maybelline. Ive been asked this so many times but Maybelline is currently one of my favourite brands and the Rimmel eyeliners, face and lip products are really good, but they don’t have that great eyeshadows or most mascaras, whereas Maybelline is better all round.

Um, people say they would love to live forever but I would find it so difficult watching everyone I care about dying, and being left with nobody. Also, you would be so old and probably in a lot of pain if you couldn’t die. But then also I don’t know if I would want to die young because you wouldn’t get ro experience most of your life.

Kiss a BMW. haha bit of a weird question but its better than falling off a cliff, that would hurt a lot, that is if you weren’t dead.

My Clarins lipstick and lip Perfectors, my Maybelline lash sensational mascara and my Sleek Storm palette.
I’m not a big reader to be honest, I’m more of a watcher of shows and films. But my favourite books are my youtube books and my favourite is Love Tanya. I also love love love The Fault In Our Stars – I think it’s so well written and I know it’s very hyped up, but it is worth it and I definitely recommend reading it.
How can I pick? Joe though is probably my number one, because he is my favourite person and his videos are always so original and make me hysterical, I love him so so so much. I am also obsessed with Zoe and Caspar and Jim and Alfie and Tanya. And so many more I could list them for hours.
Zoella. Zoe. She has been my inspiration from day one, and I was thinking that I was getting into makeup, although I didn’t really get properly into it until last year, but I had my friend round, and desperately wanted to make one, so I made her make one as well, she doesn’t really use it though but it gave me a big confidence boost knowing that she had one as well. So yeah, Zoe basically.
That’s all the questions I’m going to answer today, I will have another one of these up maybe next month or the one after. Make sure to check out Megan’s as she has done this as well and yeah, I’m being awkward so I’m gonna go now…
Ellie xoxo

3 thoughts on “Q&A #2 ♡

  1. Aw thank you so much! It means a lot! Yeah sure I don't have that many tips but I will say that good photography is very important and just write about what you love and people will love it too!


  2. Aw thank you so much! It means a lot! Yeah sure I don't have that many tips but I will say that good photography is very important and just write about what you love and people will love it too!


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