Best of Collection ♡

To me the brand Collection, previously known as Collection 2000, is a bit on and off, they have a few really rubbish products, but they also have some really special, amazing products. So today I am going to be focusing on this brand as I think they do have some incredible products and they are pretty cheap too. I’m going to talk about 3 products that I am in love with.

This is a collab with the AMAZING Alana, I love her blog and her youtube. She is such an inspiration to me so I’m super happy to be collating with her! Her blog is incredible so make sure you go check it out and read her version of this.

Also can I just say that every collection product I have tried smells absolutely incredible!

Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream – £2.99
Lip gloss. That applies with amazing pigmentation. And isn’t sticky. And dries matte. How does that not impress you? Then I add on the fact that they are only £2.99. Want one yet? I love these lip products so much I literally can’t find a fault in them! One thing is that the shade range isn’t the best, there are three shades, a browny nude, a pinky your lips but better and a bright pinky coral (the one I own). I love the packaging of these and how tiny they are means they are great to throw in your handbag. There isn’t much to say about these, they are basically OUT OF THIS WORLD liquid lipsticks that dry matte.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – £4.19
This is a cult product that basically all beauty youtubers and bloggers talk about. It is probably the most high coverage concealer at the drugstore. This covers everything and anything that needs to be covered. It’s in basically all my posts haha. All I would say is when you buy it make sure that when you swatch it on your hand it is too light because when I bought mine it was the ‘perfect’ shade for my hand but I didn’t realise your face is usually lighter than your hand so it was way too orange for me. But yeah, this is so so so so good and you need it in your life if you are a makeupaholic like me.

Collection Extreme Felt Tip Liner – £2.99
This is probably one of my all time favourite makeup products. It is THE best felt tip liner. It applies well, you can smudge it out to create a smoky look, it stays put and is so black and I don’t even know what else to say. I’ve had it for months and it still isn’t dried out. It is perfect for cat flicks and just everyday eyeliner. You really can’t go wrong with this. If I could only pick one if these product it would probably be this.

I love all these products so much and definitely recommend them as they are so affordable bit still such great quality! Remember to go and check out Alana’s post – she did a high end brand so you can get the best of both worlds *not a Hannah Montana quote haha oops;) *
What is your favourite Collection product?
Ellie xoxo

6 thoughts on “Best of Collection ♡

  1. Collection has got to be my favourite budget drugstore brand, I have both the eyeliner and the concealer and I love them both so much- I really want to try the lip cream soon as well.
    Dalal xo


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