What’s in My Handbag ♡

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I recently treated myself to a new bag. And I’m in love with it. Its from new look and the name is Mini Wendy Pocket Up.

This is a collab with Laura and she is actually going to be doing a video of what’s in her bag, so check out her instagram and channel here.

Above is what it looks like, the “pocket” on the front is just for decoration, but inside is zipped up, which is good, because I hate it when there is nothing and everything can get in your bag, and if you open it there is one big pocket, a little zip pocket that i keep keys and headphones in and anofher tiny pocket which is perfect for my phone.

This is in no particular order…

The first thing I can see is this makeup bag that I got free in Superdrug but I basically switch this from my schoolbag to this bag and to find out in more detail what’s in here read my school beauty kit here.
I have hand sanitizer, hand cream, concealer, mascara, eyeliner and way too many lip products. Ooh, and a tangle teezer for that knotty hair of mine.

As its spring and the sun is starting to be brighter, I have sunglasses as with english weather you never know when it will suddenly turn to a heatwave. I have no idea where these were from and I need to get some better ones but I just have these white Ray-ban style sunnies.
I have a mini notepad and a pen because you never know when you will want to write down something you need to do, or a blog post idea or something you just want to write down and remember.

This really squished biscuit that I got in a cafe at some point with a drink. I would normally have gum but stupid me forgot to buy some more when I ran out.
I have this purse which is from Peacocks, which is basically Primark but not as good, which I thought would coordinate perfectly with my bag but it is a lot more mint green than the bag but they still go and it just has gold detailing. I keep a little bit of money in case I want to buy something or get on a bus or something, a few gift cards and shop cards and receipts that I am too lazy to throw out *am I sensing a theme of me being lazy oops*. The only annoying thing which is really annoying to be honest, is that the day after i bought it, the zip broke and there is still money in there, it’s only a little bit and it could be helpful in an emergency but it’s just annoying and obviously the quality isn’t too great.

The last things I have are some smelly things, I have a little ‘Play It’ spray and some perfume samples.
I hope you all enjoyed this post and make sure you check out Laura’s video version of this as her channel is so good and she deserves a lot more subscribers.
Ellie xoxo

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