MUA Blush Review ♡

So not too many people talk about the brand MUA, but in my opinion, they do have some great products and would be great if you were starting out with makeup or just wanted some cheaper makeup.
Most makeup from MUA is £1, they also have more ‘pro’ products like palettes for a bit more expensive, but over all this brand is pretty good. I know that when something is that cheap you will worry that its rubbish, but this product really isn’t.

Today I have a review of this blush. Its in the shade Bubblegum and I love it a lot.

So the first ever MUA product I picked up was a blusher, as I had heard such great things about their blushers. And I have to say, this was so much better than I expected it to be. For £1 I expected it to apply fine but become a bit chalky and just fade throughout the day.

But this blush, with INCREDIBLE Pigmentation, stays on your cheeks all day until you remove it. There is a huge shade range and they are a nice and sleek size to fit I’m your handbag. The only downside is that the packaging isn’t very special and there isn’t a mirror, but apart from that, this blush is phenomenal.

It is a gorgeous bright bubblegum pink and just gives your cheeks a perfect rosy glow. This is such a bargain and if I didn’t know it was from MUA I would think it was from Mac, it’s that good!

Do you own anything from MUA?

Ellie xoxo


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