Music Favourites ♡

Did you know that the average teenager listens to around 2 hours of music each day? I didn’t, but I think I definitely do listen to that much. I’m always talking about my beauty favourites but never really talk about my music favourites, so today I thought I would tell you about them and tell you why I like them.

Blame it on me – George Ezra
I loved Budapest so I had a feeling I would like the rest of his music. This came up on my station on blinkbox (which is what I get most of my music from by the way) so I thought I would give it a go, and ever since I have been listening to it on repeat, oh my goodness its amazing, its kind of a more upbeat song but there’s something about his voice and the song, its just perfect.

Maps – maroon 5
Its pretty different to what I usually listen to, but I love this song, my favourite bit is where the beat really kicks in ‘but I wonder where were yaa’.

Hold back the river – James bay
I wasn’t too keen on this when everyone was obsessed with it, but now I am just loving I think its a beautiful song.

Take me to xchurch- hosier
Same as ^ basically, but I love the vibes of it and how its so different to any other popular piece of music put there.

I’m not the only one – Sam smith
I love Sam smith! I mean, not as much as ed sheeran, but his voice is so gorgeous, and this song is just so good, I don’t really know how to explain how I feel about it.

*sorry for the really not too great pictures aha*

Ellie xoxo

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