Whoops I Went on a Rant! ♡

Wow. Im on the seventh day of holidays and I’ve basically done nothing productive. I’ve written a few blog posts but other than that I’ve basically just lazed around, watching TV and YouTube. Whoops!

But today, I went to a family meal and tthen back to their house for a party. that part was for my grandparents diamond wedding anniversary! It was so fun and nice to see my family I hadn’t seen since Christmas! But omg, 60 years is an amazing amount of time to be married. So congratulations grandma and grandad. Love you loads xxx

Next week I’m doing a load of fun things though, I’m going primark shopping with my friend, and probably meeting up with some others. I’m also probably having a load of sleepovers and maybe going to Brighton eeeeek:))


Seriously though, on the topic of Brighton, people need to stop waiting outside Zalfies house omg seriously! Can I just say, how would you feel if people were waiting outside your house so you couldn’t even take your dog out in your pyjamas?! Like Alfie said, its one thing if its a hotel, but its their house!

SSeriously though, one of the best things about youtubers was that they were so real and they weren’t “celebrities”. But then the media decide to tell everyone where they live, which i think is completely ridiculous and disgusting. They should tell us where they live so we can go throw eggs at their house! Now, people are just waiting outside their house, sometimes even coming to their door, and then they expect a photo!

Have some respect. They are just ordinary people, but a bit better haha, that make YouTube videos! They can’t help that the media leaked where they live, but don’t go stand outside their house. And don’t bring your mum eithrr. Its their house. House. The one place where no one should be able to watch you or judge you and you should be able to walk round in your underwear if you want.

House. That still hasn’t clicked to some people. That’s their home. Where they live. Live. Alfie was right to speak out about it because its just not right!

So no, if you were wondering, I’m not going to be waiting outside their house. Just don’t please. Everyone, its horrible and its not the way to try and meet your idols.

Anyway, rant over.

So yeah, that was a life update and rant, I hope you enjoyed this, I like doing updates, but not too often because they’re a bit boring if you do them too often.

Ellie xoxo


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