Summer Side Plait with a Twist ♡

So I posted my spring essentials and summer lip products and everything, but I realised that one thing missing was summer hairstyles, so I thought I would show you a cute hairstyle that you might like if you just want to get your hair out of the way, but still look good and like you’ve put effort into it.

Before I do this, I will just brush out my hair with my Tangle Teezer to make sure there are no tangles & its easy to style, and probably just spray in some Batiste to add some volume.

Side plait with a twist
I will first off just brush my hair to one side and divide it in three. Once I’ve done that I will just plait all the sections in a simple three strand plait, and tie all three off with a clear elastic. Then, you just need to plait all the sections together and it creates a really simple and cute layered braid which looks like it took so much more effort than it really did.

*yes I was wearing a Christmas jumper, I wanted a cosy jumper don’t judge*
So that was all for my little spring hairstyle, you should know I am obsessed with the half up half down hairstyle at the moment for spring.
Ellie xoxo


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