The Coolest Nail Art Pen ♡

There I was painting my nails, after I had spent a very long time being indecisive about which nail polish to choose, and after they had dried, a few hours later actually, I remembered I had been given a nail art pen by my sister for my birthday.

So I tried it out, and I was very very impressed, so I thought I would write a little post about it.

This nail art pen is from the brand Wah London, which I hadn’t really heard of that much, apart from walking past them in Boots, but having a look at their brand online, it looks pretty impressive, and they have lots of useful nail art products, as well as nail polsishes with 5 star reviews, so I would recommend going to their brand if you need nail art products. but they also have a massive range of shades of nail art pens, and they are so cool! Here’s why:
So, the packaging is really cool first of all, the tube is pretty basic packaging but is “aesthetically pleasing” as my tech teacher would say, but it comes in a compact little box. Also, on the back there are instructions of how to use it.
Can we just talk about how cool this pen is? It is really opaque which is always an essential with nail stuff, and it has two uses. Don’t you just hate it on the rare ocassion where you decide to take time on your nails and you try and do a line and it is all wonky? Yep, me too, but ‘Wah’ have sorted it out, by having two different applicators. But they aren’t just on both ends!

To use the free-hand applicator, you just pull the lid off, but if you want to draw lines that aren’t all wonky, you can twist the lid off. How cool is that?!

Sorry if this post has been pretty rambly, the pictures will show you better, but I thought it was really cool and just had to share it with you all.
Ellie xoxo

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