♡New Rimmel Nail Polishes First Impressions♡

Hey beauties

So recently I saw on an advert that Rimmel had brought out a new line of nail polishes, the 60 Seconds Super Shine range, and I have ups and downs with the normal 60 Seconds ones, so I wasn’t sure whether to buy one, but then my sister got me one for my birthday, so I thought I would just do a blog post telling you my first impressions and some pictures of them.
This is NOT sponsored I just wanted to tell you guys my opinion on this new nail polish range. Also, this is part of the blogger project. #summerbp2015 so look at that hashtag on Instagram if you want more spring related post. 
So the shade I got given was the shade 855 Too Cool To Tango, I think it’s such a cute name and its a gorgeous mint green colour, so let’s try it out…

The brush is quite thick and its so easy to apply, it goes on really opaque, this is what it looks like with one coat.
So this looks okay and you could probably get away with one coat, but for me I think two coats is needed. 
So the name states it should be dry in 60 seconds. I forgot to check after exactly that, but after about 75 I felt it and it feels dry and I have been trying to smudge it but it doesn’t budge, let me try doing another coat now.
This is it with two coats, it’s so opaque and an absolutely gorgeous colour. I did try and smudge it after about 50 seconds, but it really wasn’t dry so it has smudged a bit.
I woud give this nail polish 7/10 because it does need two coats for me, but it applies easily and without being messy, and the shade range is good, there is a shade for everyone, and some really nice shades for spring. It does dry in less than 2 minutes, although I’m not sure about 60 seconds. It does give a nice shine, as the name states, so I would recommend them.

Elie xoxo


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