♡Room Decoration Ideas♡

Hey guys
So today I have a room decor post, as I did one before but it was so bad, so I’m trying again today, this time it is a collab with Madeline from Always Smiling. So go check out her blog and instagram and her version of this post.

I have three little ideas to make your room more cute and we heart it, so let’s get started…

Quick & Easy Brush Holder

  • A glass (or plastic) clear container
  • Beads from an old jewellery kit
  • Makeup brushes
So most girls will still have an old jewellery making kit from when they were younger, and the chances are you will still have some beads left in it. 
All you need to do is, either just use all of them and make it random, or pick out some of your favourite colours and use just those colour beads. I chose just to use pastel pink, pastel purple and white to go with my room, and put them in a glass container type thing.
It will just look like this:

Then you add some brushes:

Cosy Corner

  • Cushions
  • Blankets
  • Cosy stuff
So it’s nice to have that area in your room where you can just go and relax on your electronics, or reading a book, or watching your favourite programme or movie.
It’s a really easy idea, just pick the corner of your room that you want to be THE cosy corner – you probably want it to be near a plug because us teenagers and young people like our electronics, and it’s so annoying when your comfortable and you have to move to charge your phone or computer or whatever – and throw a blanket on the floor, and cushions against the wall, then sit down, grab some more pillows and blankets and relax.

Quote Poster
  • Picture (landscape or any other picture that doesn’t have faces because they’ll just get cut out.)
  • Printer (to print the picture)
  • Scissors
  • Blu Tack
  • Wall
This is pretty simple. All you have to do is print out a picture (maybe like a sunset), it can be as big or small as you want, and on the back draw backwards the letters of the quote you want to use. Do more of what makes you happy. Just say yes. Think postive. Stay hopeful. Tears remind you you’re alive. Once you’ve drawn it out, cut it out with some scissors. Don’t make the writing too small or flimsy otherwise the poster won’t work well. Done? Just put a bit of blu tack on each corner and stick it to your wall. it will look especially good if your wall colour or wallpaper goes with the picture. That’s the last DIY, it’s a lot easier than having to cut out all the letters and stick them separately.

I hope you all enjoyed this room decoration post.
Keep smiling 🙂
Ellie xoxo

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