♡Haul// Lush, Zoella Beauty & More♡

Hey beauties
So today I have a little random haul for you all. I’m not including the makeup I have bought recently, as I haven’t bought much and I’m saving it for a collective haul which will be up separately soon.

I bought quite a few things from Lush recently. I’ve been in on two separate occasions. The first time the Easter range wasn’t out yet, so I got:

Space Girl bath bomb
I love this so much, I’ve already used, but it made my bath so amazing, it’s smells quite musky but its a nice smell. In fact, I love it so much it was in my February favourites.

Ickle Baby Bot bath ballistic
This is a pretty basic bath bomb, it just gives your bath a blue tint and makes your skin feel so soft. Its nice but I wouldn’t buy it again because its not really worth it.

Creamy Candy bubble bar
This was from the Valentines Day range, I ended up giving it to a friend but it smelled amazing and looked so cute and pastel pink.

Fluffy Egg bath bomb
This is what I just bought from the Easter range. Its sooo amazing omg. It smells so sweet and good and looks so cool. I would’ve bought the whole Easter range, it all looked amazing.

So this was the first place I went as I had a gift card that I got for Christmas that I hadn’t used yet. Me being me, I didn’t actually buy books though.

The first thing I bought was a 24 pack of sharpies that was meant to be £16 but it was £8.50 if you bought anything else. I’ve been using them so much at school and for my homework, they were such a bargain and they included pastels so I had to get them!

I then bought Pitch Perfect, which was £5 and this is on of my favourite movies but I didn’t own it on DVD so I thought I would get it.
The only other things I bought were sweets basically.

So the only thing I’m including in this haul from here was the Zoella Beauty Soak Opera which I have been using so much since I got it and it smells amazing and makes your bath so bubbly and your skin so smooth. I like to pair it with a bath bomb from Lush when I’m pampering myself.

I really wanted to buy some candles, but I thought they didn’t have Yankee Candles at my shopping centre, I was walking past Clintons and saw them and screamed. I only ended up getting one but I got the Yankee Candle Small Jar in Salted Caramel. This is the most amazing sweet scent, it’s gorgeous. It was on offer because it was apparently a Christmas one, but they need to start doing this scent all year round, as it’s amazing!

So that’s it for my random stuff haul, I hope you enjoyed it, I will have a makeup haul up some time soon.
Keep smiling 🙂
Ellie xoxo


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