♡February Favourites♡

Hey guys

So february has been quite a fun month. How was your month? Tell me in the comments.
This post is a collab with the lovely Ellie. She has a really good blog and she’s a really nice girl, especially as she didn’t arrest me 😀 to go to her blog, you can click here and to go to her instagram, you can click here.

So, I don’t have that many favourites this month, as I’ve basically been using the same as last month, but anyway, as usual I’m going to start with beauty favourites…
My lush favourite has been Space Girl. I hadn’t tried it before this month but I used it the other day, and no joke, it is so amazing! There is a video of what it does in the bath on my instagram here, but definitely try it out, because it’s the best bath bomb ever.

So one makeup product in particular I have been loving is my Sleek palette in Storm. I did a full review on this, which you can read here. I have been wearing it a lot when I don’t have school and you can make so many looks, it’s gorgeous.
I’ve also rediscovered my Baby Lips this month. They’re not the most moisturising, but they give your lips a nice tint of colour.

My onesie omg. Sorry not sorry 🙂 in February we had half term so I spent most of the month in my onesie and just comfy clothes.

So two nail polishes I have really been loving are both pastel colours.
The first one is from this Juicy nail varnish set my friend gave me for Christmas, it’s a nice pastel pink colour and is opaque so it’s good once you’ve had one coat. The other is a Mavala nail varnish in a matte pastel purple colour called Mystic, which is really opaque, like the first one.

Pretty Little Liars. Obviously. Sorry I have been talking about it in all my recent posts, but there is no question, I have literally been obsessed with this show since I started watching it, thanks to Gabby. I am quite near the end of season 3 now and it’s amazing. I literally shout stuff at my iPad whilst I’m watching this show. If you don’t watch it, you need to.
So I have been loving a lot of youtubers, but some particular favourites this month are Gabby, who is amazing and just go subscribe to her because her videos are amazing and her vlogs are hilarious, Quisha, who has an amazing channel and uploads so regularly it’s amazing, also she has some amazing videos about anxiety, Eve, who is one of my all time favourite Youtubers, her channel is gorgeous and her editing is flawless. Caitlin Rose is one of my biggest inspirations, perfect channel and Jim, who you all probably know but he is bae and can always put a smile on my face.
So I don’t really have that many music favourites this month. I’ve been quite liking Sam Smith this month, especially the song Like I Can, which I’ve been listening to on repeat. Also, I’ve still been loving 1989 by Taylor Swift.

I really need to listen to some different music so if you have any recommendations comment them below and I will definitely check them out.

Food & Drink
Mini eggs. I probably talked about them in all my recent posts but seriously they are my favouritest thing ever. So yummy!
A drink I have been loving is the Galaxy Frothy Top hot chocolate. I got this the other day and literally, it makes your hot chocolates so frothy and sweet and amazing.
I’m not much of a reader, but this month I bought Love Tanya and I think it is the best thing ever! If you don’t have this book you should definitely get your hands on one because it is just perfect, it has sections about her childhood, sections about makeup, hair, fashion, love, confidence and so much more! And a cheeky Q&A at the end:) JUST BUY IT IF YOU LOVE TANYA

So I think that’s all my favourites, remember to go check out Ellie’s blog and read her version of this post. 
Keep smiling xx

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