Hey beauties♡

So today I have a lil Q&A for you. So I asked on my instagram (@bexutygirl) for any questions and I’m just going to answer them. This is my first attempt at one of these so tell me how you like it. Let’s get started…
When’s your birthday?
My birthday is pretty soon actually. Its in 23 days, on the 20th of march and I will be 13.
Favourite youtuber?
How can I pick one???? Um I love Zoe and Alfie, Joe is also one of my favourites, and some other favourites are Gabby, Eve, Quisha and Anastasia.

What’s the one place in the world you would love to visit?
I would really love to visit America. Specifically new York and California but to be honest I would love to go anywhere.

Favourite beauty product?
That’s so difficult to pick one product bit I would probably say my collection extreme liner because I have worn it basically every day that I’ve worn makeup since I got it.

Have you got any pets?
Yeah I have one cat called Evie. She is my favourite thing ever, I love her to pieces and I will probably do a blog post about her soon.

Rimmel or Maybelline?
Hmm…that’s a hard one. I mean, I love both brands a lot, but I haven’t really tried enough stuff from them to know for sure. I would probably have to say Maybelline.

Favourite beauty brand?

I love all beauty brands, but I would probably say Sleek, because their products are such amazing quality and they are amazing value for money. I do really love Soap and Glory but I’ve only tried their body products not makeup, so I’m going to say Sleek.

High end or drugstore?
I love high end products, but I think there are some amazing things at the drugstore too. I can’t really afford high end makeup so I tend to buy drugstore, but if I had more money, I would go for high end.

Favourite colour?
I am obsessed with pastel colours, but if I had to pick one colour it would be either pastel pink, baby blue, mint green or dark purple, so basically pastels 🙂

Summer or winter?
Summer because although I love winter and the coziness, having hot chocolates and baths, but I prefer when it’s not freezing outside and you can go out and have fun, and summer is when the best things happen, like no school, youtube conventions and holidays.

So that’s all the questions I’m going to answer today. I hope you guys enjoyed this, if you did I can do another one in a couple of months time. Remember, I love you guys and I’ll see you in my next post.
Keep smiling xx

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