♡Lazy Day Essentials♡

Hey guys

So today I am going to be sharing my lazy day essentials with you. This post is a collab with the lovely Ami, so go check out her blog and her instagram because she’s a really nice girl and her blog is really good.
So to be honest, on a lazy day, I won’t wear any makeup, unless I go out, then I will just wear a very natural makeup look:

On a lazy day I won’t really put any effort into my hair, just do a messy ponytail or something.
If I’m just staying in the house all day, I’ll just stay in some pyjamas or a onesie and some fluffy socks. If I’m going out, I’ll probably just wear some leggings and a jumper.
Literally, I probably won’t do any skincare. If I do, all I will use is some Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes just to make it feel more fresh and get anything gross off my skin.
For a lazy day scent, I picked my Next Just Pink perfume. Also, if I’m having a lazy day I might have a lush bath. This is the Space Girlbath bomb v   Now onto the more random lazy day essentials.

So food is my favourite thing and on lazy days, it can just make me feel a lot better. To be healthy, one food I absolutely love is kiwi. Kiwi is my favourite fruit and I could eat it forever. If I wanted something a bit sweeter, I might go for some Mini Eggs. They’re some of my favourite chocolate and as it’s quite near easter now, they’re in lots of shops, but they’re just so yummy.
So in most of my blog posts, I mention having hot chocolate. But sometimes, I won’t be in the mood for that so I really like tea. FUN FACT: I have my tea with milk and one (sometimes two if I’m feeling cheeky) sugars.
So it’s all great having makeup on, and eating food, but on a lazy day, your still going to want to do something. One thing that I like to do on lazy days is to write blog posts, like I’m doing right now as I’m having a lazy day when I write this. Some other things I like to do are:
What To Watch
I love just lying on my bed with a pillow and my phone and watching something on my iPad or curled up on the sofa with a blanket watching the TV when I have a lazy day. If you are going to watch one thing, I would soooooo recommend Pretty Little Liars. It’s my favourite show ever, I am on season 3 currently. If you want to watch a film, I’ve been really liking Pitch Perfect.
But also, as I’m such a fangirl and obsessed with youtube. I normally spend most of the day watching YouTube so I thought I would include some youtubers you might like to watch. So there’s obviously the bigger Youtubers, but I find smaller youtubers more real and most people don’t know about them. So some I like are Eve – she is probably my favourite youtuber (she just hit 25k so congratulations) joint with Gabby, I also love Anastasia, Caitlin Rose and so many more. So go subscribe to all of them.
Prefer to Read?
If your completely up to date with youtube, or you just fancy reading instead, I would recommend Girl Online. You’ve probably all heard of it but it’s just a really good book. Also, I don’t have it, I really want it though, but I hear Love Tanya is really good. I’m not really a big reader but if you are then recommend some books for everyone to read in the comments.
Obviously, being an obsessed Sheerio I would recommend X by Ed Sheeran. It’s my favourite album ever and I genuinely love every single song on there. Also 1989 is really good. My favourite songs are Wildest Dreams, Style, All you had to do was stay and Out Of The Woods, but they’re all really good.
Crossy Road. Just play it and you’ll understand – it’s so addictive okay.
I can’t actually think of any other essentials so I guess that’s it. Remember to go over to Ami’s blog and read her version, follow her on Instagram (livingthepastel_life) and check out her blog whilst your there. I hope you guys enjoyed this and aren’t crying too much about going back to school tomorrow.
Keep smiling xx

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