♡Healthy Hair♡

Hey beauties

So today I thought I would just do a mini post and show you some of the haircare products I use to keep my hair healthy and soft and strong. I’m just going to stick to the basics for this post, but if you want me to go into more detail about other hair products then comment and I will.

So the one thing everyone does to their hair on a daily basis is brush it. So the brushes I would recommend are tangle teezers. They are really small so they will fit in your handbag and they are amazing quality bristles for really good value for money.

But, if you can’t afford them, I would recommend the brushes that have bristles all round in a circle, which you can get from boots, but I’ve had mine for ages so I can’t say exactly what brand.

To keep your hair healthy and not greasy you will want to wash your hair. You don’t want to do it too often as it will make your hair more greasy. I would recommend washing it every 2-3 days.

The shampoo and conditioner I would recommend is from the Body Shop. I have used these for years, I’ve tried other things but these are by far the best. I’ve talked about them before but they leave your hair feeling so healthy and soft and so shiny and radiant.

If you want to use a dry shampoo, I would recommend Batiste. I have the pink one and I dont use it that much but it just keeps your hair feeling nice between washes.

Keep smiling xx


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