♡Pamper Evening Collab♡

Hey beauties

So today’s blog post is a pamper evening routine. So some days, when I’m feeling a bit ill or down, or just need a bit of a pamper, I will get all my homework done, and then just spend the rest of the evening pampering myself.

This is a collab with a girl called Amelie. Her blog is really good and she is a really nice girl so definitely go check out her blog and read her version of this after you’ve read mine.

Here are the ingredients for a perfect pamper evening ^ and yes I did snapchat it to myself aha:D

So the first step of your pamper evening is to get into some comfy clothes, as if you’re going to have a nice evening you want to be comfy. I just picked some black leggings and a really fluffy cream oversized jumper, which are both really old.

The next step is to tidy your room. Not all the vacuuming and everything just make your bed and tidy a little bit. It sounds weird but once you’ve pampered yourself you won’t want to tidy your room to get into bed so its better to do it first. Then I will just go on my iPad and phone and check my social media and watch some YouTube.

After I’ve  surfed for a bit, I will start running the bath. Whilst it’s running I will go on Netflix and pick a film or TV programme to watch. This day I picked Pretty Little Liars as I am obsessed with it right now and I watched the first season in less than 3 days. Also, I will pick what product to use in the bath. This particular day I decided not to use lush, and just to use a bubble bath. I used the Zoella Beauty Soak Opera.

I will then light a candle (it was a yankee candle votive in a snowy sort of smell) to make it even more cosy and just watch some YouTube whilst I’m waiting.

Then its time to get into the bath and relax. Also, whilst in the bath I just used a body scrub on my arms and legs.

When I get out its onesie time, but before that, I will give my skin a treat and use the Sanctuary Spa Body Lotion.

Then, my face gets its pamper. I will take the remainder of my makeup off using the Simple cleansing makeup wipes then use the Simple hydrating light moisturiser and the Simple soothing facial toner and the Garnier Ultra Lift Day Cream which was actually just a sample I was trying out.

Then I will make a hot chocolate. I always use the Cadbury drinking chocolate, its my favourite.

I will take that and a snack up to my room and eat them whilst watching PLL or YouTube.

Next up, I just chilled and went on my electronics, then got into bed and went on them a bit more’ and maybe read some of whatever book I am reading. After a while relaxing on my phone, I will turn the lights out and go to sleep.

So that’s basically my pamper routine. Again, go check out Amelie’s blog and her Instagram @smudgedfaceblog.

Keep smiling xx


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