♡Autumn to Spring Outfit Ideas♡

Hey guys

So February is kind of an awkward month because it’s not really winter any more but it’s not spring yet, so I thought I would share some outfit ideas for this transitional kind of time.
For the coldest days:
So I first of all picked this jumper, which is from ages ago so I dont know what shop. Also, underneath I am just wearing a basic top with sheer panels at the shoulders from H&M. With them I wore these blue fade jeggings from H&M which are my favourite and I wear them all the time, but they are nice because they are a bit thicker then leggings.

When it’s a bit warmer:

When it’s a bit warmer you might still want to wear a jumper or cardigan but I got this dark blue velvet kind of cropped top (which was in my haul and favourites video because I am literally obsessed with it) from New Look which I paired with these leggings (again, you’ve probably seen them before) with a black and white, I think houndstooth is what it’s called, pattern.

For the warmest days:

I picked this cropped jumper from M&Co which is grey with black, silver and gold streaks on it which I paired with this black skater skirt from New Look and some black tights because, even on the warmer days it’s still freezing cold (haha they look so weird oops :))
So yeah, those are my three outfit ideas for this time of the year. I hope you enjoyed this. Send me requests for what other posts you want to see in the comments or my social media. I’ll see you some time this week with a Valentine’s video. Love youuussss
Keep smiling xx

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