♡January Favourites♡

Hey guys
So first of all can I just say…WHAT?? HOW IS JANUARY OVER ALREADY ITS GONE SO FAST OH MY GOD…so yeah today I’m going to be doing my f-f-favourites from the month of January. I can’t even believe it’s already a month through the year, I’m going to tell you what I have been loving so far. Also, this is a collab with Lauren. She’s so nice and we’ve become quite good friends and she has an awesome blog – http://anddotherthings.blogspot.com/ so definitely go check it out, we’ve collabed for this post. 
So, I’m going to start off with beauty. The first thing is the Collection Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner. It’s something I have been wearing almost every day and I’m a bit obsessed with it. It’s really easy to apply and to blend, it’s so pigmented and black and it lasts all day and is really waterproof. It’s so great and it’s only £3 so I definitely recommend it.

My only other makeup favourite is the Body Shop Born Lippy in Strawberry. First of all, this smells so good! It’s really moisturising and is a nice natural colour. It’s perfect pigmentation for an every day lip product and lasts such a long time, I’ve had it for about a year and there’s still loads left.

I have been loving all lush products so I couldn’t pick one, but one bath product I have been loving so much is quite a recent purchase and it’s the Zoella Beauty Soak Opera. First of all, this smells so so so so so so so so so good and it just makes your bath amazing. I love this so much and I’m so proud of zoe – she’s come so far! 

I have been really liking the Sanctuary Spa Body Lotion because it makes your skin feel really soft and it dries really quickly.

Another beauty favourite is my new hair. Not really a specific product but I recently got my hair cut and I had 3-4 inches off which isn’t that much but I just really love the feel and look of it now. It’s so much thicker and stronger and it was inspired by Zoe’s new hair which is gorgeous.
My fashion favourite has been my dark blue velvet crop top from New Look, it was in my haul but I have been wearing it so much and it looks so cute on.

Onto my random favourites, the movie I have loved this month was Into The Woods, which I went to see in the cinema and I thought it was really good. The songs are so catchy and all the acting is really good, it’s funny and sometimes a bit scary and its a really good movie, so I recommend going to see it.
My TV show of the month is Brooklyn Nine Nine. It’s so funny and it’s about a detective and his friends who are detectives too, my sister told me to watch it and I watched a few episodes at my friends house, now I’m obsessed with it and I’m binge watching it now, it’s on Netflix and American TV, also on YouTube but now it’s on E4, so if you like comedy’s then you will love it.
Music I have been loving is 1989 by Taylor Swift, I do still love Ed Sheeran obviously, but I decided I needed to actually listen to some other things as well, my favourite songs are Style and Bad Blood at the moment, but they’re all really good.
A bit of a weird favourite of mine is filled pasta, I have just been loving it a lot, it’s so easy to make and so yummy, also I have been loving ice creams. You’re probably thinking WHAT ITS TOO COLD FOR ICE CREAMS HOW but actually I’m not talking about the ones you eat in the summer, but they’re sweets, they are my favourite thing at the moment and you can get them from Coop and a few sweet shops but they’re so delicious!
My favourite youtubers have been Eve Bennett who just hit 20k so well done eve! And I have been really enjoying gabbys vlogs, I still love her main channel videos but her vlogs are especially good.

So I think that’s everything, I hope you guys enjoyed this. If you read this far comment filled pasta is life and we can confuse people. I’ll see you guys soon and definitely go and check out Lauren, she has an amazing blog and this is her twitter too! 
That’s about it – I’ll talk to you again soon – ellie
Keep smiling xx


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