♡Apps You Need♡

Hey guys

So today I’m going to be doing a different kind of post to the type I normally do.

 So I’m really sorry I have spent hours on what should’ve been today’s post, which included a video, but the video has literally taken an hour and a half and its still not done uploading, so I’m really sorry but that should be up some time soon, as well as some other really exciting things, so yeah.

This is a bit like a whats on my iPhone but I don’t have an iPhone so it’s just basically showing you some of the favourite apps on my iPad mini.

So the first ones are just the obvious basics like instagram (bexutygirl), Twitter (bexutygirlx) snapchat (private sorry) and blogger. I use instagram a lot more than Twitter but I am literally obsessed with snapchat just to send my friends ugly pictures and just obsessed! And obviously youtube, I don’t need to tell you guys how much I love that…
So my favourite photography apps are afterlight and squareready. After light does cost 70p but I personally believe it is so worth it because it has practically everything you need in an editing up so you don’t have to have loads of editing apps – it has all the different tools like brightness, contrast and filters and cropping and everything, it’s just amazing. And squaready is just to get white borders around your photos. I might do a how I edit my instagram photos and show you exactly how they work.

Some of my favourite games are Crossy Road and Two Dots. Two dots is one of my all time favourite games – I discovered it thanks to alfie deyes ♡ and you just connect the dots, it’s hard to explain but it’s amazing! Crossy Road is just so addictive and I think it’s made by the creators of flappy bird- you have to move an animal (you can earn lots of different ones from cats to wizards) across a road and it’s very very addictive.

So a random app I like is Amazon because it’s just so easy to use and shop and it’s weird but my friend is obsessed with that app. Ive been using face time a lot recently because it’s just a great way to connect with your friends
I also really love the app The Hunt which I spoke about in a another post but basically you just post a picture of something you maybe see on Instagram or in the street and the community there will find it for you. You can also get people to style you.
The last app I’m going to talk about is We Heart It – this app is just really inspiring and is basically just like an easy version of tumblr ☺️😂  It has all sorts of really cool photos and things – some are like Tumblr cute things and some are fandom pictures – it basically has everything it’s just great.
So I hope you enjoyed this kind of different post – tell me in the comments if you want more like this. Please go and download my top (counts them all 1234…) 13 apps ,if you want to, obviously you don’t have to, and maybe you’ll love them as much as me.
Keep smiling xx

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