♡What’s in my School Bag♡

Hey guys

So today I’m going to be showing you what’s in my school bag. So it’s my second week back from school and I just really wanted to do this video so I hope you guys enjoy it!
So this is my school bag:
It’s just a grey rucksack with black spots and brown leather detailing. I got it from Accessorize for my birthday but I think it was £35 and it’s just amazing, I love it so much – I think it’s gorgeous.
So first off in the two small pockets at the front I just keep my timetable and my glasses case in one of them and my phone in the other. Oh, and I also have a club bar.

Then onto the big section, the first thing I would normally have in there is folders and books. So obviously I have different books and folders for different subjects but the school just give you books.
What else is there?
So the first thing I have in here is just my pencil case. I got this from WHSmith ages ago so they probably don’t have it any more. I just keep some pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers and basics in here.

Then I just have my planner. It’s pretty standard but my school just gave it to me and I can just write my homework in it and look at my timetable if I need to.

The next thing is a notebook. I can write stuff down in here and if I have any good ideas or I forget my planner. It’s from Paperchase and its floral.
Then I have a body spray. It smells amazing and it’s just good for after PE.
The last things I have are just beauty things in my makeup bag.
The first thing in here is my tangle teezer because you always need a hairbrush and this is just my favourite hairbrush and it’s really small too.
I have a nail kit which just comes with a nail file (and scissors, tweezers and more) which is really useful to have at school if you break a nail or something gets caught in it.
Then I have hand sanitizer because school is full of germs. 
I also have some hair ties and hair grips because you know, I’m a girl.
Makeup I bring is:
Collection lasting Perfection Concealer – BEST CONCEALER EVER!!
Nivea Hydro Care lip balm – so moisturising!!
Baby Lips Electro Berry Bomb 
New Look Pure Definition Mascara – favourite mascara!! 
Collection Extreme 24 Hour Eyeliner – I love this a lottle!
So yeah- that’s everything in my school bag. Hope you guys enjoyed this. 
Keep smiling xx


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