♡Little Sales Haul♡

Hey guys

So today I thought I would do a little haul to show you guys what I got from the sales recently. I just bought a few things in town then made a new look order which arrived today. So here’s what I got:
The first place I went was Boots and I only bought one thing but it is my new favourite thing ever, I have wanted it for ages and I’m so happy that I finally got it – it’s absolutely gorgeous and the colours are beautiful with amazing pigmentation and I will definitely be using it in upcoming tutorials. It was £8 but in my opinion it’s as good as a high end palette so it’s definitely worth it!
It is the Sleek iDivine Storm Palette. I LOVE IT 

In boots they didn’t have the other thing that I really wanted to so I went into superdrug and they had it there. I just got the Collection 24 Hour Extreme Felt Tip Liner and this eyeliner is on point it’s so pigmented and goes on so creamily and stays on all day and does not shift. And all for the such cheap price of £3!!
So then I went into New Look and they don’t have teens clothes in my local shop, but I just picked up some socks on their 3 for £4 offer. PS I just included the pictures from the website because mine ard in the wash.
The first ones are just White with different pastel coloured donughts and they’re just really chic and soft.
So the next ones are so cute and they are just grey with hedgehogs and red flowers but they’re just amazing.
The next ones were just love at first sight. They are absolutely gorgeous – I saw them and I just had to get them as monkeys are most probably my favourite animals. They’re just this burgundy colour which I love and the monkeys are adorable. As I said these were on an offer so I got them all for £4 but they are £2 each if you only get one or two.
That is all I got in town but then I ordered a couple of things from the new look website in the sale and I love them.
The first thing is this cow onesie which I am now obsessed with. You won’t believe this but befor now, I’d never owned a onesie! This was £15 but it was reduced to £5. It is so soft and fluffy and it has the feet and the hood included which makes it even better. I love it so much I am wearing it whilst writing this.

So the last thing I got was this navy velvet feel boxy crop top and I love this. I haven’t tried it on yet but it looks amazing and feels really nice. It was £13 but it was reduced to £4.
(You can see my onesie haha :))

So that is everything that I got but I also just thought seeing as i was doing a haul anyway I would include some skincare bits and bobs I bought before Christmas.
So first of all ages ago I asked my mum to buy me some makeup wipes and she just bought me the Olay Essentials cleansing wipes which kind of stung my eyes a bit but they were okay, but because there were only 12 in a pack, they ran out quite quickly, so I also recently picked up another pack of the simple ones which are just my favourite ever.
The only other skincare (well it’s not exactly skincare it’s more lip care) thing I bought was just a repurchase of the Nivea Hydro Care lip balm which I don’t need to talk about because I always rave about this it’s so moisturising and really hydrates your lips – it’s just the best!
That’s all.
Hope you enjoyed this little haul and comment what you have loved from the sales recently.
Keep smiling xx


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