♡Welcome to 2015 & New Years Resolution♡

Hey guys

So I hope you guys had an amazing Christmas or if you don’t celebrate Christmas I just hope you had a great break and just great day.
So welcome to 2015! 2014 went like a blur and I can’t believe it’s over already! If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I just took a break from my blog until the new year because it was the end of the year and school term and I lots of assessments and tests, as well as that, I was in a show which we were performing to hundreds of people for 5 nights in a row. 
So here are my New Years resolutions:
1. Sort out my blog!
So right now my blog is a mess – rubbish posts not uploaded regularly and nobody even reading it. I want to make my blog something I’m proud of and that people will enjoy. I’ve been doing it for more than a year and at first it was just a silly mistake, but then I realised I loved doing it. 
So I want to make my posts quality but I want to upload them frequently: at least once a week, hopefully twice. I will always put it on my Twitter which is alohasuggg with three Gs and I am remaking my instagram but I will always put it on there too. 
2. Don’t procrastinate!
So this is kind of the opposite of what I just said, although I want to spend more time on my blog, every day before I do my blog, or go and watch a YouTube video I want to do my homework first so I’m not up late at nights doing it. I want to do it the day it is set if I can, or as soon as possible, so that means I will have evenings and weekends free and I can spend them on my blog.
3. Start a channel!
So this is going to take some persuading of my mum but I really really want to start a YouTube channel because I already film videos and sometimes vlogs, but I really want to be able to put them out there for people to watch, not just bottled up in my iPad.
4. Eat healthier!
So this may sound like something everybody says, but I feel like I eat way too much unhealthy, sugary, fatty food and nowhere near enough vegetables. Try and eat my 5 a day and just stop eating all the sugary things so much.
5. Stop saying like!
So the main reason I want to do this is to please my dad – he doesn’t like me saying like (obviously I can say it when I’m saying I like something but not in the way I normally say it when I talk like “it was like so fun like seriously I loved it like a lot”. My dad tells me to say bong every time I say like but it doesn’t really work.
I also want to do things which aren’t really resolutions, but I want to get good grades in my exams and meet at least one youtuber, whether thats someone smaller like floral princess or eve Bennett or someone bigger like zoe or gabby.
Writing this has made me realise I say so a lot. I hope you guys have an amazing 2015 – remember to be careless and just have fun like Joe Sugg told you to.
Keep smiling xx

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