September Favourites

Hey guys

So it’s finally October! I am so excited for fall (I am english but I have been watching too many YouTube videos so I call it fall.) So I have been loving a lot in fall but I don’t really have any makeup favourites as I have been too busy starting school to try out any new makeup :(( I have some bath and body stuff and some random stuff. Hope you guys enjoy it :))
So my first favourite is the simple facial cleansing wipes. These are great for me because first of all they have two uses: moisturising, washing and cleansing your face and removing makeup. That’s actually four uses which proves they are great. They are also good because they don’t hurt my skin. I have very sensitive skin and the normal boots makeup wipes don’t cut it but these are great because they actually make my face feel better instead of worse.

My next favourite is the nicest smelling thing ever. It is from the brand Original Souce and it is the Vanilla and Raspberry shower gel💖the scent of this is very sweet and girly and you can kind of tell it smells of vanilla so it might not be for everyone, but personally I love it! They also have so many other scents so if you don’t like this one, there will be at least one you like! Also, it feels really moisturising and makes your skin feel great so it is a great shower gel and I will definitely repurchase it once it runs out. 

My next favourite is a shampoo and conditioner duo. I have used this for literally years and it just makes my hair feel amazing, so soft and makes my hair shine and feel so healthy! I have tried switching to other shampoos and conditioners but they have never made my hair feel as good so I have always come back to these. They are from The Body Shop and they are the Rainforest Shine shampoo and conditioner. I just love these guys, okay!? P.S. I had run out of the conditioner and need to get some more but here is the conditioner…

Onto my random favourites :))

My music favourites this month have been again from my two favourite artists who I absolutely love a lot! i.e. Ed Sheeran and Troye Sivan. These two are the cutest, best singers ever. OMG IF THEY MADE A SONG TOGETHER I WOULD DIE THAT WOULD BE SO PERFECT <333 My favourite songs from Ed Sheeran are, as well as the ones I mentioned in my last favourites, I’m A Mess and Nina. My favourite from Troye Sivan would be really hard as I love all the songs in the EP but it would probably be Gasoline it’s the cutest most beautiful song I have ever heard! I don’t have a spotify playlist this month as I have literally been listening to these two and the Matilda soundtrack. That’s probably something you guys don’t know about me but Matilda is my favourite musical I love the songs and the characters and I sing them literally all the time…
Since iOS8 came out, I got the podcast app which at first was useless but then I realised that I could listen to Tyler Oakleys podcast Pyschobabble which I love it’s just like another video except, a lot longer and with korey so that can’t be bad it’s just so funny – I definitely recommend it if you love Tyler or the youtubers :))
In the month of September I have carried on my simpsons obsession – me and my brother have watched it together for years and it’s still so funny – it’s just perfect in every way! 
Another two shows I have been loving are Wolfblood and The Next Step. They’re both on cbbc and first of all, I just want to say they are not like lots of the babyish shows on cbbc, they are more teen shows:)). So Wolfblood is about a pretty girl and a really cute boy who are both Wolfbloods, but they’re not monsters and they are pretending to be just normal humans. It’s now series 3 and its a thrilling exciting comedy. I don’t know why, but I think of it as kind of like Vampire Diaries even though I’ve never watched it. The Next Step is about a group of dancers who all have very different opinions and personalities when it comes to dance. I love it because I love dance and watching the dance on the show, and it’s funny and has great storylines. It was first broadcast in Canada but they are just playing it all on cbbc.
Another two random favourites I have are apps. The first app is Feature Points which I heard a Youtuber I really like called floral princess (I will put her link in here somewhere) talk about where basically you get points for downloading and trying out new apps and you can save up your points and get free apps, pay pal gift cards, Amazon and starbucks gift cards. Oh yeah, and you can also get Xbox and iTunes gift cards. By the way, if you download it using the link I have put here you will get 50 points to start off with.
My other favourite app is Closet Remix which is basically where you take pictures of all the clothes in your wardrobe and your followers can style outfits for you so it is just really good for if you are stuck for what to wear.
I am excited for my fashion favourites ;))
My first favourite is these leggings which I have probably worn in ootds last fall but they are leopard/spotty grey and black print with fake zip pockets and I just love them so much – they’re so comfy but they look so cute and they go with everything! They are from H&M but they were from last years stock so they won’t have them but I will link some similar ones if I can find them. Also just patterned leggings in general are amazing for fall.

My next fall fashion favourite is scarves because they are so cute and warm and just add a pop (sometimes a pop of colour and sometimes a pop of monochrome) to your outfit.
I don’t want to keep you guys for too long so I’m going to stop now – I hope you guys enjoyed. Btw my new regular upload day is Tuesday at the moment. Love youss!
Keep smiling xx

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