Outfit of The Day – 01/08

Hey guys

I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY FOR NOT HAVING POSTED IN SUCH A LONG TIME. I WILL NOW FOR THE REST OF MY HOLIDAYS AT LEAST TRY AND POST ONCE A WEEK, IF NOT MORE. I think I will be posting another post after this one to try and make up for it! I know I shouldn’t be coming up with excuses but I have been a bit depressed lately and not myself so I haven’t wanted to do anything other than stay at home on my electronics or see my friends.
Hope you can forgive me!
It was my brothers birthday today so we went out for Spanish tapas for lunch.
This is what I wore:
Sorry but I had to blur out my face for privacy reasons. I will soon be able to not do this hopefully.
I just wore an off white shirt with lace detailing and a pocket at the side from H&M…

…I paired this with a cute black skater skirt which I think is a perfect summer staple and I can’t live without. I got mine from New Look but you can get them from pretty much anywhere, in different colours and designs.
I love this outfit because it is cute and casual but at the same time, it’s quite formal and pretty.

Then, for my nails, I added a pop of colour by painting them a nice pinky (a little bit peachy) colour. This is from the Rimmel 60 Seconds Line and it’s in the shade 405 Rose Libertine.
Keep smiling xx

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