Miniature Haul

Hey guys

Here is am extra mid-week post for you all…
So on Tuesday me and my friends went shopping and I got a few things which I am going to tell you about!
So the first thing I got was the book The Fault in Our Stars. I got this because everyone has been recommending it and then the trailer for the movie came out! 

I can’t wait to read it – it sounds really good!
The next thing I got is from H&M and it is a tank top. Now, you’re not going to believe this but I only own one tank top in the whole of my wardrobe and summer is coming up so I thought I should get a few! I only ended up getting one but there were quite a few that I liked and I have been liking the one that I got so I will probably go back and get more!
It is just pink and it says LIVE BY THE SUN LOVE BY THE MOON in cool lettering.

The next thing I got was just a slushie.

Then from Claire’s I bought a unicorn! Literally bought a unicorn 😀 it goes in the headphone slot of your phone and looks cool. 🙂 it came in a pack of two – the white one and the pink one, which me and a friend split.

Hehe obsessed 🙂
And the last thing I got was just a pack of gum. It is the Extra Strawberry Sugarfree Gum which is very nice, but it loses it’s flavour quite quickly. I am veeeery fussy about mint gum but one that I do really like is I think it is Extra Ice Sugarfree Bubblegum with the white and pinky bubbly weird packaging? I do not know anything about gum! 🙂

Included a picture to remind me to tell you guys that I made a public instagram acc which is @beautygirlblog99 plz follow me to get the latest on new blog posts.
Keep smiling xx


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