Chrismassy Nails

Hey Guys

As tomorrow is my last day of school, I will be able to wear nail polish again and I want to paint my nails Christmassy! Today’s blog isn’t a nail tutorial sadly 😦 but it’s some ideas on what sort of cute nail designs you could do for Christmas!

  1. I’ll start with what I think I might use on my nails this Christmas. I’m going for something very simple! Because the nail polish I will be using isn’t matte and has some shimmer in it I will just be using this nail polish on its own. The nail polish I think I am going to use (I’m not completely sure but I think so) is by Leighton Denny and the colour is called ‘Best Seller’. It is quite a deep red with some shimmer in it and I think it will look really nice 🙂
  2. If you want to go for something a little more complicated, something I think would look really good is just to get a true red colour (any red nail polish will do, preferably matte because it will look better) and paint all your nails that colour. Then choose one nail on each hand (the same one on both hands) and spice it up a little bit. I would recommend your ringer finger! There are lots of ways you can spice it up: you could go over it with a glitter over-coat or if you’re a bit more advanced try some nail art! I would take a green or a white (only because they both go with red and remind me of Christmas! You could use any colour you want!) and do a little snow flake, Santa, a candy cane or what ever you want! You don’t have to do this on only one nail on each hand, you could do this on all of them – the same with the next idea!
  3. If you’re feeling very confident you could try a design like down below where you paint your whole nail like a reindeer or a Christmas Pudding or anything!
The ideas I tell you about in this blog are my personal opinions and what I think would look good but you are very welcome to change these up a bit to suit how you want them to look! Hope you enjoyed this and got some ideas for what Christmas nails you could have! If I don’t blog again before Christmas have a very merry Christmas! Hope you have a great time and spend lots of time with family and friends!
Keep Smiling x


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