Just a Quick Note

Hey Guys
Today’s post is nothing really beauty related, I just felt like doing this. I’ll probably end up blabbering on about nothing – oops! :O

OMG I had a Caramel Hot Chocolate in Starbucks on Saturday and it was to die for, I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a hot yummy drink from Starbucks.  Also, my stepsister tried an Orange Hot Chocolate and that was amazing as well (according to her). Apparently it tasted like chocolate orange! Duhh!

I can’t wait until Christmas! That’s all me and my friends ever talk about! We can’t wait!!!!!!!!!! I really want to do something a bit like Vlogmas but Blogmas so blogging everyday instead of vlogging every day. Comment down below if you would like me to do that, but it better be quick! If I do decide to do it, this will count as Day 1 and Day 2 heehehee 🙂  I haven’t got a Christmas tree yet, but I did get a piece of tinsel and drape it around my room – it’s so epic and Chrismassy 🙂

Is it true there is a new limited edition Baby Lips? I saw one in Boots the other day but I think it might be one of those free gifts that you only get if you buy a certain number of Maybelline products.

I’ve just decided that after I post this I will be posting a post ‘What I’m loving at the mo’. I will also be giving you a very special announcement 🙂 (it might only be special to me!)

Keep smiling x


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