Really Really Quick Last Minute Halloween Costume – Kitty Cat

Hey Guys
Today I know it’s the night before Halloween so you are probably reading this after Halloween so SORRY

This is a kitty cat outfit and I am making it a brown and black cat but you can choose any catty colours you like. I am just wearing a plain black kinda short t-shirt and my grey and black leopard spotted leggings which I love and I wear them all the time. This is a really quick and easy outfit but you could have a black and white top and black leggings or whatever you want really. For face you can just apply your usual everyday makeup and then use an eyeliner or face paint or maybe even eyeshadow. Just one tip, don’t use pen because my friend did it and she did a massive dot on her face and it wouldn’t come off!

Anyway, what I do is I start with my nose and just outline a cats nose then fill it in with a pinky eyeshadow or you could even fill it in with eyeliner if you want. Then just draw dots on the outside of your nose and whiskers with the same eyeliner. Preferably use an old eyeliner! Then to finish off the look I am just wearing my cat ears!

Keep smiling x

P.S. Sorry if this post seems rushed and kinda weird but I’m trying to watch a video at the same time so sorry CRINGE 😦


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