Product Review – Baby Lips Peach Kiss

Hi Guys
Today I went shopping with my BFF and we both got a Baby Lips. They were on 3 for the price of 2 so she got Pink Punch and Peach Kiss and I just got Peach Kiss.

I LUUURVE Peach Kiss – it is such a cute colour, it’s a nudey, baby pinky colour and it looks really nice. It would be good for school or for a more relaxed makeup look. I actually have nothing negative to say about Baby Lips, I love them and I will definitely be purchasing them again in the future. Let me know which ones you recommend!

The best thing about them being tinted lip balms is that it gives all the good effects of lip balms, especially the fact that they moisturize your lips and they give a bit of shine and colour to your lips.

BTW I didn’t go shopping with my BFF today it was just over a week ago but it took me a while to post this.

Keep smiling x


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